Coloring Books

by Jeri Lee

“These coloring books are designed especially for all ages; adults, teens, and kids. They are high-quality coloring pages for enthusiastic participants with creative minds and happy pencils. They will delight any adult, teen, or kid who loves beauty and fun in their entertainment. They have 108 pages, of which 50 are on the odd number for coloring, and a transparent reflection protects the even side. (in most coloring books, the even-numbered side is either all white or all black} I protect the back of the previous page with a holographic image of The Save the Planet or Family Pets Series images.  They are 8.5 x 11 inches with glossy covers for easy wipe-down care. They are priced at $6.99 each, with your satisfaction guaranteed.  If you enjoy my books, please give me a positive report on Amazon.  Thank You.

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Over 50 Great Quality Coloring Books

Save The Planet Series

The newest Book in the save the planet series


Family Pets Series

NEW -- Therapeutic Series

The newest Book in the Therapeutic series


Metaphysical Series

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