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I Have Been Breeding Puppies Since 1992

All Of Your Puppies Are Guaranteed
To Be Healthy And Come With A One Year Guarantee Against Life Threatening Debilitating Genetic Defects.

Your puppy is raised in my living room and  is  well socialized as it matured.  The Dew Claws were removed at three days old.  At 4 weeks all puppies get a neo-parvo shot and their first worming.   At six weeks and eight weeks they get a five way plus shot and another worming.  They can ship at age 8 weeks and it is recommended that at 12 weeks they receive an additional five way shot then again at 16 weeks and at one year.  It is also recommended that you take your new puppy to your Vet as soon as possible to establish a future healthcare program.   At 8 weeks they begin to understand what potty papers are for.  At 8 weeks all male can be courtesy neutered, if you choose.   By neutering them at this age they are less likely to lift their leg and are easier to potty train.  

My bloodlines are all tested and clear of any genetic defects including PRA/PRCD and PLL.  Puppies are raised in my home environment – which means they get lots of attention and are well socialized before they go to their new home. They are always up to date on shots and deworming.  They come with a Shot Record and a vet certified Health Certificate.

In order to guarantee that your chosen puppy is really yours, you need to pay a retaining fee that will be applied to the final billing of your puppy. All puppies must be paid in full before they can be shipped.  Shipping is not included in the price of the puppy.    PayPal is my preferred method of payment,  I will send you a Request for Money Invoice.  You just click on the link and pay thought Paypal using your credit card or other method, having a Paypal account is not necessary.

Your payment includes your puppy, up-to-date shots, vet health certificate.  Along with any other appropriate papers, and shipping crate when going by airlines  cargo.   


Pricing & Shipping


If you are looking for a perfect Chinese Crested puppy you have come to the right place.  Our puppies are guaranteed to please you and fit into your family as that satisfactory addition.   Powderpuff or hairless they are both dynamic in their own class and will give you years of love and dedication.  Call 417-436-2267 if you have any questions about your needs for a new baby.    Or E-Mail BestCrested@Gmail.Com 

All puppies are evaluated by the AKC Standard and priced according to their individual qualities. Hairless start at $2500.00 and Powderpuffs start at $1500.00. This price list is my Standard pricing for either gender.  It does not always reflect the actual price of each puppy.   I add extra $ as deemed suitable.   For x small + $500. and minus $ for too large.  I add extra for Blue eyes. $500. per eye.  I charge $500.  for Breeding Rights, which comes with FULL AKC registrations.   ALL males without Breeding Rights are neutered at 8 weeks of age.  I reserve the right to price each puppy to my appraised value.  


Due to the National  economical  conditions we have at this time with situations that are constantly changing it is impossible to price a shipping charge.  At this time and until further notice No- 4 is not an option.    No’s- 1-2-3 are all available choices and I am having no problem getting my puppies safely to their new forever home.   I ship early in the morning and your puppy should be home in 4 to 6 hours.  Ground Transport takes longer. 

 My preferred method of shipping is that I meet you at the airport where you are introduced to your new family member who joins you as a passenger and flies home with you.  If this is not an option that the next way is to have the puppy fly with an escort and you meet your puppy at the airport curbside pickup – hand delivered by my escort.

  In my 25  Plus years of shipping I have shipped Puppies all over the globe and they always arrive in great shape. 

Who We Are.


Since 1991 we have provided a home for Mstical Chinese Crested Show Dogs while Breeding the BEST Quality, healthy Puppiess to make a loveable additions to your family

We are located at the foothills of the Ozarks in Southwest Missouri
Down the hills and around the curves the shaded rocky road leads to Grandma’s house where the gate opens on acres of wooded wonderland. The neighboring cliffs that make this area so famous as a tourist resort are evidenced here as well. As you enter, the hills and walls rise on both sides leaving a canyon floor of unsurpassed beauty. This is the home of Mstical Chinese Cresteds who also shares the valley with the Apiary of Spiritgaea BeeHaven. This Apiary lines the hills with Honey bee hives. Spring
awakes to the Bee’s delight with its Daffodils, Irises, Lilacs and Rosebuds while blossoming Dogwood float like clouds along the walls and banks of flowers blossom to collect bees and butterflies. At the far end of the valley, caves expel fresh air and springs feed clean water to the ponds. Is it any wonder that the proper name for a kennel that lives here would be named MSTICAL?
I have been breeding Chinese Cresteds since 1992 and my show record of over 100 AKC Champion is history to my accomplishments in the Chinese Crested breed. My goal is to breed dogs that conform to the breed standard while improving its quality. My emphases is on correct size and movement. I am proud of my blood line and test for genetic soundness and guarantee every puppy I produce. They are raised in my home with full access of the couch and TV, they have lots of fresh air, sunshine, exercise and love

At the end of the road in the midle of the woods is the healthiest location to live, raise Chinese Cresteds and Honey Bees.  If someone drives into my yard they are either looking for me or they are lost….the road ends here.

If life on this planet is to continue the population of all it’s parts has to wake up and gain respect for the pollinators of our food products. All Bees are pollinators but it is the Honey bee that is the primary pollinator of all the food that goes on your table.  Yes I said ALL because even the animal product on your plate gained its life as a result of bee pollination .   Albert Einstein stated many years ago, “Take good care of the BEES because if you loose the bees than mankind has 4 to 5 years left on this planet.” It is the responsibility of every inhabitant of the earth to understand this statement but sadly less that 1% are even aware of this fact and probably less that 50% of those even care and they take it for granted that someone else will fix the problem.  Well That is not a fact and at this time Mother Earth is extremely angry because ALL her children are being exploited and capitalized on by the ego of those in power with the greed of that all mighty dollar.   I am talking about ALL the kingdoms of nature under the absolute control of Mother Nature because they are All affected by the pollination of the bee with the natural reaction of the domino affect through the entire food chain.  Mankind has gained access to the moon, taken a trip to mars, and eve dropped on the sun while neglecting the backyard it lives in.  

HISTORY – From out of the Jurassic period of history came a magic gram of life we now know as the Honey bee.  The Honey bee is the only one of the early pollinators that discovered the secret of flowers, which is pollen and nectar. With these two items the bee makes Bread, called of course ‘bee bread’.  With the ability to produce and store its own the food the honey bee generated massive amounts of honey surpluses giving them the advantage of surviving these 145 million years.  The Honey Bee is a highly sophisticated insect and survives by being a colony of an average 60,000 members.   We domesticated them to live in a hive however in nature they do quite well in hollow trees cracks between rocks piles of brush or tops of trees.  About any spot that the feel secure and protected from weather and predators.