Jeri Lee C.HT.

Artist, Author and Silversmith – Dog Breeder, Bee keeper and Certified Hypnotherapist.

Her early careers went from – A switchboard operator for Ma Bell to advertising agent for the Hartford Current.  Then to New Britain Conn as a layout artist and technical illustrator, for STANLEY TOOLS.  She then went from designing hand tools to designing and producing  metaphysical jewelry that followed her obsession with Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology and the healing arts of psychic phenomena. In the late 70’s Jeri Lee met and became friend, student, research collaborator and co-author with Donald Yott, along with Kathy Lee and Thomas Krueger. As a unit they co-authored several books that were only partially complete when Donald died in 1981. Jeri has had two near death experiences and came back with eye opening conformation for the concepts that shadow her dreams and write on her walls. Jeri Lee born in 1939, just added C.Ht along with QHHT to her name . On 12-21-12 she opened her Metaphysical Healing by hypnosis center, Spiritgaea Foundation, and has published a book titled “Singing in the Brain” which is the instructions on how to use self-hypnosis to sing yourself Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. In Sept 2014 she Graduated from HMI to receive a diploma in Hypnotherapy for a career she started as a child when she insisted on hypnotizing her father’s chickens and her mother’s cat. She is a graduate of QHHT, Dolores Cannon Academy, HMI, Hypnosis Motivation Institute as well as being a member of American Hypnosis Association and HULocal 472, Hypnotherapist’s union.


Singing in the Brain


By using Meditation, Visualization and Self-Hypnosis you can sing yourself healthy. You utilize your right brain functions when you sing. Your voice is your best friend and is your natural tranquilizer so stay happy and healthy by singing to yourself. This is the true story of Author Jeri Lee, showing how she developed this process. This is a do it yourself book on finding your fountain of youth


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Quantum Awareness via astrology

Astrology is a process of learning, rather than a limited science or art. It has been used for thousands of years of recorded history as a tool of insight and clearly influences our evolvement in this life. Quantum Awareness, shows you directions in which these qualities can lead for better understanding of ones self. You are but a reflection of the Cosmos that imprinted your first breath with symbols. These symbols provide a link between thought and action, which triggers a response to their individual meanings present in primal memory. Awaking your Quantum Awareness allows you to consciously activate the blessings the cosmos gifted you.


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TipToe Through The Tarot


There are two types of medicine throughout the world. One is allopathic the other homeopathic. These two differ in their approach to an illness. The allopathic treats the disease and will go by the symptoms because the disease is an effect of some cause. The approach of the homeopath is to tackle the cause. The homeopath treats your body and your body tackles the disease. The entire basis of homeopathy rests on balance and harmony within your body. Each cell in your body is composed of 12 basic minerals. If each cell has all the minerals it needs and in the required amounts, then it is in harmony. If all your cells are in harmony, you live in a perfectly healthy body. Once a deficiency of any mineral appears than there is a dis-ease or disease. Open the door to great health with Homeopathy.


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