golden dawn cross

This is the Magical cross of the order of the Golden Dawn
It should be suspended from a yellow silk cord or ribbon.   It is the complete synthesis of the positive rainbow scale of color.  The four ends are attributed to the Elements, the white is for spirit and planets, the 22 petals of the rose are the 22 lessons of the major Arcana or the Tarot and the 22 paths of the Qabalistic Tree of Life.  The extreme center of the cross is white, the reflection of the spiritual brightness of Kether, around a Golden Cross bearing a Red Rose.  Around the center flower is place the symbols of the planets.   The four pentagrams are circled symbols of the Spirit and the four elements.  On the end of the four arms of the cross are the three Alchemical principles, arranged if the order to focus on the element it represents.  The upper arm is Air the lower Earth, the left and right are Fire and Water.  The Rays coming from behind the rose are the of divine light, the reflected light of Kether.   The letters and Symbols on the rays I.N.R.I     I=Virgo N=Scorpio R=Sun I=Repeat the cycle.  The lower arm houses the star of David with sun as its center surrounded by the planets.
You can study more about this cross in the book “the Complete Golden Dawn system of Magic” By Israel Regardie  of which I have a signed copy.