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Welcome world

Good Morning world my name is Jeri Lee and I am a little old fashion country lady in the back woods of Missouri that is trying to make an impression on the population of this planet. It is that they had better wake up to reality or they are flushing them-self into the Cosmic cesspool of History.  My BIG NITCH – BITCH – GRIPE or Concern, you name it,  is to agree with Albert Einstein  when he said. “Mankind had better take care of its BEES because they pollinate the food your eat and without the bees mankind has 4 to 5 years left on this planet.   The food you eat means ALL the food even they meats, the animals live off bee pollinated plants.  OUR BEES ARE ENDANGERED, THEY call it [CCD] they are Disappearing at an alarming rate and scientist have labeled it VANISHING BEE SYNDROME or COLONY COLLAPSE DISORDER.

You might argue with me saying, “since I was born in 1939 so probably only have 4 to 5 years left on this planet , why should I care?  Well I had a past, called my ancestors and a future in my kids, grand kids and great-grand-kids. I care about them and their kids and grand-kids.    Soooo I choose to be an ancestor. This planet has walked through the shadow of death many times and we are fast doing it again.  So while you still have a choice, Respect Mother Nature and don’t become a dinosaur or a trilobite.  SAVE THE BEES —SO PLEASE JOIN ME IN AN EFFORT TO SAVE THIS PLANET BY SAVING ITS POLLINATORS.  

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Grandma Moses (Mary Robertson Moses) Started her career as an artist at age 78 and became extremely famous for her country art.  She lived to age 101 and experienced  a very successful career.  I have chosen to use her as an inspiration for my new business in affiliated marketing.  Then there was Colonel Sanders who was forced into retirement at age 65.  After which he started a business in fried chicken with an appealing flavor that won him fame and to be globally recognized as KFC.  I met Colonel Sanders in 1969 when he was the keynote speaker at a Wally Byam Airstream rally in Laramie Wyoming.  I was impressed at what he had accomplishes but not at how he became the famous KFC at the sacrifice of financial  assets. He sold himself to “Big Business” who created a global franchise leaving him out of the picture.  He had to sue them to keep himself out of the poor house.  So from him learn my marketing lesson.

I have been a successful artist, silversmith and author over the past five plus decades. I have accumulated many artistic designs that would look Great on T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies as well as on tote bags, coffee mugs and pillow cases.  I plan to print exclusive artwork on blankets and wall art. 

My store is called Grandma Jeri’s Boutique and will also include my handcrafted sterling silver jewelry as well as crystals and minerals, my signed books, prints and much-much more.  I am just getting started on Jan  1, 2019 so help us grow.  My best Xmas gift of 2018 was that I just finished my Chemo therapy at MD Anderson in Houston Tx. and I am in remission.   So, why you ask, should an over ambitious 79 year old woman start such an adventures business.   The answer in that you have bills to pay at all ages and driving a 15 year old vehicle is not exciting.  My body may not run races but my mind can and it never shuts up.  So as long as I CAN, I WILL.  


iF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THAT PERFECT PET – WE HAVE IT — I have been breeding and showing Chinese Cresteds since 1992 and have over 100 AKC Champions to my credit.

5 – STAR  – Rating on or you can read it for free on Kindle.  Purchase it from my site and I will sign it. For sale at


I live in the woods, at the end of the road, in a canyon I call SpiritGaea BeeHaven in a 150 year old house and a dozen Chinese cresteds..  The bees Love it – the dogs love it – I love it.  

We call ourselves beekeepers when it is impossible to keep bees if they do not want to stay, they are free to fly away and often do.   We not only collect part of their honey, we produce Queens and  produce bees to promote the population.  


We all need to do our part in making this a better place to live and to make it safe and available for future generations.   Keep our planet alive by Saving the Bees.