Jeri and Pandee
arn't we cute
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Jeri and IBIS My first male 1992

Mstical-SpiritGaea chinese cresteds
since 1992

We are located at the foothills of the Ozarks in Southwest Missouri

Down the hills and around the curves the shaded rocky road leads to Grandma’s house where the gate opens on acres of wooded wonderland.  The neighboring cliffs that make this area so famous as a tourist resort are evidenced here as well.  As you enter, the hills and walls rise on both sides leaving a canyon floor of unsurpassed beauty.  This is the home of Mstical Chinese Cresteds who also shares the valley with the Apiary of Spiritgaea BeeHaven.  This Apiary  lines the hills with Honey bee hives.  Spring awakes to the Bee’s delight with its Daffodils, Irises, Lilacs and Rosebuds while blossoming Dogwood float like clouds along the walls and banks of flowers blossom to collect bees and butterflies.  At the far end of the valley, caves expel fresh air and springs feed clean water to the ponds.  Is it any wonder that the proper name for a kennel that lives here would be named MSTICAL?

I have been breeding Chinese Cresteds since 1992 and my show record of over 100 AKC Champion is history to my accomplishments in the Chinese Crested breed.  My goal is to breed dogs that conform to the breed standard while improving its quality.  My emphases is on correct size and movement.  I am proud of my blood line and test for genetic soundness and guarantee every puppy I produce.  They are raised  in my home with full access of the couch and TV, they have lots of fresh air, sunshine, exercise and love.

we can be timid or outgoing

Personalities can be as varied as appearances and show it’s self at an early age

we are a party breed

we can be any color or combination of colors and marking from strips to spots.

size should be 6 to 12 lbs

There is no such thing as a teacup crested but they can be very small under 6 lbs is unusual.  Show standard is 6 to 12 lbs.

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We specialize in blue eyes

Blue Eyes are natural in this breed because its history goes back to the wolf

single blue eye a with brown or green eye

Often the puppy will have only one blue eye and the other caoul be any complimentary color. The Blue/Green combination is extreemly beautiful.

dark eye linner

The eye liner starts as a pupy and by the time it reaches one year it will circle the eye