Jeri Lee and Erich Von Daniken 2015
Erich's friend from another world 2015

Jeri Lee & Erich Von Daniken

In 2015 I met one of my many mentors.  The author of “Chariots of the Gods” and many more.  Published in the late 60’s when questioning the dictates of social beliefs was handicapped by tradition, this book was a treat that excited my intellectual curiosity.  At that time of my life I was grooming myself to Accomplish.  I had a 8 to 5 position in the engineering dept of Stanley Tools as a Technical illustrator in new design and development,  While living in an attic with a husband two sons and a dog.  Borrowed beds, lawn furniture and orange crates were it’s luxuries, while spending summer weekends in a New 30 Airstream pulled by a new International Harvester King Cab pickup.   That was called keeping up with the Jones.

In 1969 we packed into that Airstream and headed to Calif. where the next 10 years taught me what the other worlds looked like.   The curiosity of my 7 year old son sent me back to school at the University of Calif to answer his questions in Geology, mineralogy and lapidary.  This developed into a Rock shop called ‘The Urchin” and later into a career as a Silversmith under my company name of “MsticCrone Jewelry”.  We went from tailgating at Quartzite Az. to Wholesaling at the Tuscon Gem Show.   From Street Show, Art Shows and Renaissance Fairs I crisscrossed this country leaving my tracks in the sand. That is until 1985 when Mother Nature put her BIG foot on me and stomped me to the ground……………… and I died.  Then what happened?  Well you will have to read my book to find out.    “Singing in the Brain”      

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...............................Another Mentor was Dolald yott

This was 1981 in Wayne NJ  Donald Yott Phd, Kathy lee and myself are putting the final touches to one of many manuscripts we assisted with.  Donald was the founder of the North Jersey Metaphysical Center.  

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