HELLO WORLD:  I am Jeri Lee And Welcome to My world

Today is May 1 2018 and as I greeted the old lady that smiled back at me from the bathroom mirror this morning, I sang a little song to her. It went something like this
Happy Birthday to you,
together we grew,
all three of Us.
Me, my shadow and You.
As My REFLECTION you make me remember
As My SHADOW you Silhouette my Life
As Me I just wonder when I die what will I be?

I was born on May 1 1939 so today I am 79 and that is pushing pretty hard at 80. So I have to evaluate my live and try to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.   My kids keep telling me to ‘Act My Age’ and I have to remind them I choose to Act the Age I choose to be.  I don’t think that has registered yet so they can be protective and I appreciate that as long as it is not controlling.  If you choose to keep reading you will find out that I am not boring, I assure you I have been there and done that. 

 I am sure I have not accomplished my life task or I would not be talking to myself about what I do next. Guess I will just flip a coin to see what comes up, because all stories have a good news and a bad news.

First I will Tell you the Down side of the coin and then revel the ‘Heads UP’. In 2015 I wrote a book titled ‘Singing in the Brain” where I describe having experienced two NDE. Having walked through deaths door twice.  I tell you what I use to keep me alive which is Visualization, Meditation and Self Hypnosis. It tells my story how I am a health hazard that refuses to die.  Most of the time people do not believe that I am as old as i am because it seems that I have found the fountain of youth in the trash pile of medical problems.  I am 100% Old fashion in that I use no hair dyes or makeup, I respect nature and eat healthy.  I am a glutton for knowledge and have graduated from the school of hard knocks.  I am a workaholic and an over achiever.    

 The book tells how I have lived through 5 pacemakers, had my chest cracked  and still have my right leg thanks to M.D.Anderson Cancer clinic.  The right thigh had a 5 lb sarcoma that was removed from my leg in 1992.   The Bad news is that last year It returned as a recurring sarcoma and my heart is now in A-Fib 25% of the time with an damaged aortic valve and an aneurysm at the base aortic root, which sits on top of the heart. This make the surgery too dangerous to repeat.   Sounds like a death sentence to the normal person but I have to admit that I am far from normal so I have chosen the other side of a coin which is.  

Six months ago I had no idea what the Term Affiliated Marketing was and today ‘I IS ONE’.  This section on Who is Jeri Lee is meant to inspire the reader about two main issues, first, age is only a number so do not think you are too old to learn or to do.  And two YOU control your destiny So get into your driver seat.   

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