Save the bees

working apairy

At present we have 32 working hives and are making room for expansion.

Queen nursery

We have ten hives for virgin queen mating and building nucs.   hives have 2-3-4 divisions.


We have a sizable workshop where we construct all our hive parts.

the queen bee

The Queen Bee plays an important part in the life of everyone on the planet even if you do not realize that.  She is the mother of her hive on the colony of bees it contains.  We are focusing on the Honey bee but the entire family of over 20,000 species are global pollinators.  Without them the human race or any other life form could exist.  They are all in danger of extension and many of them have been put on the endangered list.  The Queen matures from the same egg as any other lady in the hive but by giving that egg special treatment at day 3 until day 16 the egg will be a queen and not a brood bee.   All the work bees in the colony are girls.  The few males are called drones and do nothing, they do not even feed themself.   





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