Have you ever said, “The World Needs Universal Peace”? Well I have – in 1987 I took it upon myself to make a statement to that effect in Symbolic Design, creating the “All Is One Cross” and “All Is One Star” they symbolize my Concept of UNIVERSAL PEACE. As an Artist, silversmith and scholar, I spent many years in research and study of cultural anthropology, specializing in the Origin of man and his beliefs. The first basic truth is that: All humans go back to a single Source that was genetically modified and influenced by space travelers.  Second, that Astronomy was the original science and Astrology, as it’s theology, was the original religion.  All religions are theologies, having the same braid of truth weaving itself through each of them.  Whether they are considered ancient or modern their Gods are the heroes of their evolution and their symbols are their signature.    Based on that I took the symbols of the worlds ancient religions and arranged them into the shapes of the cross and pentagram to create this beautiful statement in art naming it the “All is One” and labeling it my concept of “Universal Peace”. Since 1988 I have produced both designs in the form of jewelry marketing them across the country at art shows and in occult bookstores as well as in specialty catalogues. 

      Thank you for reading my letter and may we all strive to make this earth a better place to live. I designed and copyrighted the designs, with all reproduction rights reserved.  Jeri Lee  jerirlee@gmail.com  www.jerilee.com

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All is one Pentagram


Symbols of The 6 majot religions on this planet

The Om
The Yin-yang
The Triquetra
The Splar Cross
The Pentagram
The Star of David



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Save The Bees

SpiritGaea Foundation a non-profit org.  2008 Missouri 

 In 2015 I took it upon myself to start a Crusade on behalf of mankind.  I called it Save the Bees’ designed to save the pollinators  of our food in an effort to save mankind.  Follow our Save The Bees program at https:QueenBee.us  and on You tube under GrandmaJeri .  Our Apiary is the product myself, my son and anyone who wants to learn how to assist in the salvation of this planet.   Please be responsible and do your part because the future is in our hands and collectively we are loosing the race. 

The Queen Bee

There is only one Queen to a hive and she can live 5 to 7 years Will not sting you.

worker bees are all girls

They do everything and at different ages have different functions. They live an average of 6 weeks. Have stingers and will sting you if they are upset.

The Drones are the boys

They have no stinger so cannot sting you they also have no father but do have a grandfather. Drones do absutly nothing and are 100% cared for by the girls. They do not even feed themself. Their sole purpose is to mate and die in the process. and it takes less than 1% of the drone populstion to do that.